Naughty ears

by Philippa

George has this very odd thing that he does with his ears. I have never before seen a dog move their ears with such control like he has. I’ve dubbed this look his ‘naughty ears’.

Here we go – chewing weeds that were supposed to be in the compost pile:

Imagine a yell from inside – “George!”.
Oops, I’ve been busted. There’s those ‘naughty ears’.

2 Responses to “Naughty ears”

  1. ROFLMBO. How does he do that? I never knew that dogs had that kind of control of their ears. It would be a hoot if humans had the same kind of abilities.

    BTW, he’s a scary looking dog. What breed is he?

    Kathi, the cat person

  2. love the naughty ears pic.

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