Garden update

by Philippa

We finally got all of the soil moved and our backs are definitely paying for it this week. Hopefully we shall soon be rewarded with fruit and vegetables. There are already a few flowers on one of the larger tomato plants. A small strawberry is forming. The lime tree has flowers too. Unfortunately the basil is looking a little yellow around the gills and one of the raspberry plants is looking bloody awful! But it is all a test and I’m sure that most of the plants will flourish.

I’m pretty pleased with how it’s all turned out. The daggy bit in the top right corner is a spot to be cleaned up for future compost bins. See the rogue snail already making it’s way up the garden bed on the right? He didn’t last long!

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  1. What a wonderful produce garden! Would you mind sharing the name of the business that provided the garden beds and how much they cost?
    This is the year for our produce garden!

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