Shiny apples

mmmmmm! Shiny apples!!!

September’s a la tarte came with some gorgeous chipboard apples that I couldn’t wait to make pretty. The kit is now sold out, but you can still get the apples HERE

With just a few basic supplies, you can take these cute embellishments from simply yummy to mouthwateringly delicious!

Step 1 – Paint or prime your chipboard:

Give your chipboard apple a coat of white acrylic paint or ink or prime it with gesso or a similar medium. This will ensure that your colours are true and not darkened by the chipboard. This doesn’t have to be perfect, but remember that for the ‘slice’ side, it will form the colour of the apple flesh, so be a little more careful. A slightly creamy colour would be fine too.

Step 2 – Colour it in!:
I have used TOMBOW markers to colour my apple, similar products you might have include Marvy le plumes or Copic markers. I did experiment with mini ink cubes, which was looking good too, and I imagine distress inks in a bottle or other paints would work as well.
To begin with, I have simply covered each section with a single layer of colour.
step 3
Step 3 – Introduce detail:
Now build up some depth to your colour. Here, on the leaf section, you can see how I started with a single coat of light lime green and in the first picture I have added a second coat of the same colour on half the leaf only.
In the second picture, see a third layer of a darker green just on the very bottom edge? In the third picture you can see why I love these markers – they come with a blender pen that allows you to blur the line between the different shades.
I have done the same thing with the reds for the apple, building up the layers of colour. Don’t go overboard though – too many times colouring over the same section will moisten the chipboard and cause it to peel. Use a white gel pen to add a highlight if you like. Don’t forget about the edges too!
step 8
Step 4 – Add some shine:
Coat your apple in dimensional magic and leave it to dry. Be careful not to press the tip of the bottle onto your ink while doing this, as it will transfer the colours all over the place, and make sure to let it completely dry before handling. It will take at least an hour or two. Overnight will result in the hardest and shiniest coating!
If you prefer a cut apple, draw on a thin border of ‘skin’ all around the edges of the flip side and colour in the pippies with a black or dark brown felt pen before adding your dimensional magic.
 Resist the urge to take a bite, and instead pop these cuties on a sweet card for a teacher!
NA sep09 card2

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  1. julie

    These are just so yummy Nic. Love them.

  2. Teresa

    These really are mouthwatering!! Thanks Queenie!

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  4. Sandie Downey

    Great job Nic. My fave things are apples so I’m going to be having a go at these very soon.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    Luv Sandie

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