Branch Tutorial

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I have been having a little bit of messy fun lately making my own branches that I thought I would share with you all how it is done.

What you will need:

Brown paper bag

Brown ink


Step 1

Trim  the edge of one side and the bottom of your bag.

branch tut 001

Step 2

Scrunch it.

branch tut 002

Step 3

Swipe it with your ink.

branch tut 003

Step 4

Trim it in 3,2 and 1.5 inch widths. The wider the strip the chunkier the vine.

branch tut 004

Step 5

Smother it in your chosen sealer on the uninked side. Oops I forgot to turn mine over in the photo. lol

branch tut 005

Step 6

Roll it.

branch tut 006

Step 7

Twist it.

branch tut 008

Step 8

Smother it again

branch tut 007

Step 9

Leave to dry. You can see here the different in the finished branch that the assorted strip sizes make. I prefer the smaller ones.

branch tut 009

Step 10

Make them pretty by adding some flowers or leaves.

Now that I have more of my made branches to play with or as a friend calls them pretzels, you will be seeing some on my next Lime Tart projects.

6 Responses to Branch Tutorial

  1. katherine

    This is such a great idea for making some vines. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. christine rayner

    wow Julie – these branches are devine and your step by step instructions make them sound so easy to make. thanks for sharing. xx

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  5. Coleen

    Great instructions, gotta try it. An American living in Ukraine. Coleen

  6. Maria

    Thanks Julie for the link to your tutorial, you give great instructions and the photos are so easy to follow… Cheers

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