Copic Marker – Marker Monday overview


Today we are going to absolutely overload you with Copic information! Make sure you bookmark this page, because you will want to keep coming back for more!

All about Copic Markers:

Understanding the Copic colour system:

Paper & Ink:

Care & Maintenance:

Basic colouring stage 1:

Basic colouring stage 2:

Basic colouring stage 3:

Basic colouring stage 4:

Copic colouring – light source:

The colourless blender:

Copic colouring – adding detail:

Copic colouring – basic shadows:

Copic – colouring wood:

Adding backgrounds – grass and bushes:

Adding backgrounds – sky:

Copic Colouring – adding backgrounds:

Refilling your markers:

Adding texture:

Alternative techniques:

Clothing Fabrics – white/shiny:

Clothing – denim:

Adding drapes and pleats:

Clothing Patterns:

Copic colouring – monochromatic

Favourite red & green combinations:

Colouring with Copics – Greys

Favourite pink combinations

Copic colouring – skin colours


Copic Colouring – face contouring

Copic colouring – hair colour combinations

Copic colouring – hair technique

Colour theory

Colour balance

Contrast part 1

Contrast part 2

Copic colouring – metal

Copic colouring – fur

Copic colouring – reflective & transparent

Copic colouring – flowers

The Copic Airbrush System

Using the Copic Airbrush System


Copic colouring – alcohol ink backgrounds


Colouring silhouette stamps with Copics

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  1. Kathi R

    Freakin’ awesome series of tutorial that have been bookmarked.

    Thanks so much!

  2. Natali

    OMG!!! You just kill me… I am just beginner of copic (have only 10 ones ))) lol And everywhere lookin for info which I can use for start to make my collection up and some techniques… And have found your blog.. Awesome!!! You are rock!! Thank you so much!!

  3. lisamariemlt

    you’ve been pinned and repinned :) on Pinterest

  4. Amy-Mumof3gurlz

    wow, lots of great info on here!!!! I enjoyed reading through it and learned quite a bit, I do have one question that you briefly mentioned but I couldn’t find a longer explanation… do you remove the copic ink from stamps after you have stamped with them????

  5. Elizabeth

    Thank you so much for the great tutorials!!! I will spread the word!
    Elizabeth xx

  6. Debbie

    AWESOME information using copics. WOW! Thank you!

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